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Introduce new products at a rapid pace using AI powered smart experiments and high-throughput testing.

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Benefit From Multiscale’s
Advanced Solutions

Enabling companies to expedite product development while reducing costs

  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Maximize Cost Savings
  • Increase Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • Optimize Environmental Sustainability
Reduce Time to Market

Introduce new products at a rapid pace by accelerating R&D and optimizing manufacturing. MIND seamlessly connects data from simulations and experiments and uses cutting edge AI/ML models to reduce the trail runs required to reach the desired solution. This combined with our high-throughput testing machine SMaRT enables organizations to bring products to market at a rapid pace.

Maximize Cost Savings:

From the vast reduction in physical experimentation and simulation runs through the MIND platform to needing only the smallest of sample sizes for accurate testing throughSMaRTmachine means that there is a significant reduction in cost across your whole R&D workflow.

Increase Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Elevate your product’s quality to new heights with the advanced material exploration capabilities of the MIND platform. Paired with the precise small sample testing facilitated by our SMaRT machine technology, you can achieve superior quality benchmarks for the key materials incorporated into your end-product. Unleash the potential for exceptional quality control and ensure that your final product meets and exceeds the highest standards.

Optimize Environmental Sustainability

There should be no compromise between sustainability and material performance. Multiscale’s advanced material exploration capabilities allow our clients to innovate new sustainable materials that meet their desired performance targets while also fulfilling organizational and regulatory environmental targets. Our SMaRT machine also significantly reduces the material samples needed for accurate testing thereby reducing waste.


Experience the power of our AI platform today and unlock the untapped potential of your materials R&D data.

  • Data
  • AI
  • Materials Informatics
  • Platform
  • Streamlined Ingestion: Effortlessly integrate diverse datasets from over 200+ sources. Our automated data ingestion engine brings together structured and unstructured data, providing a comprehensive view of your materials R&D landscape.
  • Legacy Data Extractor: Digitalize decades worth of historical data. Our platform converts and stores multiple legacy data forms & sources into a centralized database for further insights, smarter analysis, and improved experiments.
  • Image Data Extractor: Translating Pixels into Insightful Data. Leveraging advanced image processing techniques, gain the ability to interpret material image data and convert it into usable data for comprehensive statistical analysis.
  • Curate and Harmonize: Unlock the true potential of your data through sophisticated curation. We cleanse, standardize, and harmonize your data, ensuring consistency and reliability. By enriching datasets and resolving inconsistencies, we empower you to make data-driven decisions with greater degrees of certainty.
  • Metadata Enrichment: Multiscale captures crucial metadata such as sample process, structure, and properties linkages to enrich your organizations knowledge base, enabling deeper analysis and smarter recommendations.
  • Advanced analytics and visualization tools: Unleash the potential of your materials R&D data with advanced machine learning algorithms and interactive visualizations.
  • Feature Engineering: Our AI platform excels at feature engineering, automatically extracting relevant features from your materials R&D data. By uncovering hidden patterns and relationships, we enhance the predictive power of your models and enable more accurate insights.
  • Correlation Heat Maps: Visualize the relationships between different variables with our correlation heat maps. These powerful visual representations provide a clear understanding of how various factors impact your materials’ properties, enabling you to identify critical correlations and make informed decisions.
  • Model Building: Leverage our state-of-the-art model building capabilities to develop robust predictive models for your materials R&D. Our platform supports a wide range of algorithms, enabling you to tailor models to your specific research objectives and extract actionable insights from complex datasets.
  • Model Curation and AutoML: Continuously refine and improve your models through model curation and AutoML. Our platform automates the process of model optimization, allowing you to iterate, fine-tune, and select the best-performing models effortlessly. Stay at the forefront of materials R&D with optimized and highly accurate models.
  • Active Learning: Boost the efficiency of your model training processes with active learning. Our platform intelligently selects the most informative data points for training, while maximizing the model’s learning potential. Accelerate your research by focusing on the most impactful training data samples.
  • Deep Learning: Harness the power of deep learning for materials R&D. Our AI platform utilizes deep neural networks to uncover complex patterns, enabling you to analyze vast amounts of data and gain deep insights into the underlying processes and internal structures of your materials.
  • Gaussian Process Regression: Achieve the most reliable predictions with Gaussian Process Regression. Our platform leverages this powerful technique to model complex relationships and make predictions for material properties, while quantifying the associated uncertainty. Benefit from the flexibility and robustness of Gaussian Process Regression in your materials R&D endeavors.
  • Generative AI: Unveil Process-Structure-Property Linkages. Our platform features generative AI capabilities that understand the intricate linkages between process, structure, and property linkages in materials. By facilitating inverse solutions, our generative AI empowers you to explore and optimize materials design, driving innovation and accelerating development cycles.
  • Knowledge Fusion System: Aggregate and fuse uncertain and incomplete knowledge from experiments and simulations using our unique knowledge fusion system. Enhance the reliability and completeness of your knowledge base for more reliable predictions and informed decision-making.
  • Recommendation Engine for Design of Experiments (DoE): Accelerate material design with our DoE recommendation engine. Leverage advanced algorithms to suggest optimal experimental designs, reducing trial and error and enabling rapid iterations for the most promising material compositions.
  • Prediction Engine for Manufacturing Process Optimization: Optimize manufacturing processes with our prediction engine. Utilize advanced analytics and machine learning models to predict and optimize process parameters and conditions, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing product quality.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Uncover valuable insights and patterns in your data using our materials informatics capabilities. Leverage statistical modeling and pattern recognition to identify critical relationships between materials properties, compositions, and processing conditions, empowering data-driven decision-making.
  • Integrated Workflow: Our platform offers the systematic development and refinement of integrated workflows that seamlessly connect data assets and processes throughout your materials R&D lifecycle. Streamline information flow, extract maximum value from your data, and achieve efficient results from experimental design to manufacturing optimization.
  • No-Code Application Development: Empower your material discovery process with our No-Code Application Development feature. Easily harness the power of complex machine learning models without needing a background in programming. Transform ideas into reality and fast-track innovative material designs and prototypes.
  • Low-Code Capability for Advanced Users: Seamlessly integrate with popular dev tools like Jupyter notebook to create custom functions and features. Empower advanced users to extend the capabilities of the platform and tailor it to their specific requirements.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Ensure the highest level of security for your data. All data is encrypted end-to-end using industry-standard protocols, preventing unauthorized interception, and ensuring your data remains confidential. Our platform features a robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system, granting specific access permissions based on roles and responsibilities within your organization.
  • Open and Interoperable: Connect and collaborate seamlessly. Our platform is designed to be open and interoperable, allowing integration with other systems and tools within your organization’s ecosystem. This enables seamless data exchange and collaboration across teams and departments.
  • Centralized Experimentation Hub: Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our platform provides a centralized Experimentation Hub, enabling individuals and teams to collaborate and share experimentation data worldwide. Specialized groups can be created for targeted R&D activities, eliminating silos and maximizing synergy within your organization.
  • Cloud-Native and On-Prem Rapid Deployment: Choose the deployment option that suits your needs. Our platform offers both cloud-native and on-premises deployment options. Rapid deployment ensures scalability, performance, and reliability, empowering you to adapt to your organization’s infrastructure preferences.

SMaRT Machine

Embrace a New Era of Material Testing

More Data Less Material

Extract key data points from smaller material volumes. By leveraging advanced imaging, SMaRT empowers you to obtain comprehensive mechanical property information of materials using just a fraction of traditional sample sizes.


Up To 10x Increase in Testing Speeds

Our SMaRT machine’s advanced testing capabilities mean our clients can load multiple small sample compositions into the machine for parallel testing. This high-throughput approach enables up to 10x increase in testing speeds for mechanical properties of materials.


Test at Rigorous Temperatures

Multiscale’s SMaRT machine can expose samples to a wide range of environmental conditions from cryogenic freezing up to nearly 2000°F for extreme heat temperatures.


Highly Customizable

The technology behind the SMaRT machine can be adjusted easily to allow seamless integration into your existing R&D ecosystem to meet your specific material testing needs. The technology can also be retrofitted into existing equipment to transform current equipment into a high-throughput testing machine.


Automated Testing Cycles

The SMaRT machine was designed to reduce human input to minimal levels, enabling SMaRT to fit into a large, automated testing ecosystem where samples of different compositions are automatically loaded and tested around the clock at different temperatures to obtain a comprehensive report of the mechanical properties for each material composition.


Optimize your Material Supply Chain

The small sample high-throughput capability of our SMaRT machine is leveraged by our clients to perform rapid material quality checks from a large number of vendors/suppliers increasing the speed of adoption for required materials.


Enhance Quality Control

The customizable design of SMaRT machine means that it can be integrated into active material production lines within manufacturing facilities where rapid tests can be performed to ensure consistent material quality for the end-product.



The use of the SMaRT machine is enhanced with the use of our AI MIND platform. The MIND platform enables users to optimize the balanced exploration and exploitation of large process history spaces to identify the best process routes for meeting or exceeding the target property combinations. Using our unique protocols leveraging rapid testing of smaller sample sizes coupled with our AI powered software, MIND, our customers realize significant savings in both money and time spent to get a new product to market.



R&D Services

Optimize your R&D with strategic guidance from renowned domain experts
  • 01 Un-Paralleled Domain Expertise
  • 02 Low Time Commitment
  • 03 Timeline

Un-Paralleled Domain

Guided by one of the foremost experts in Materials Science, Dr. Surya Kalidindi, our team of material scientists have the expertise and experience to improve R&D workflows at organizational level.

Low Time Commitment

We understand how valuable employee time is to the organization and have hence developed a comprehensive engagement plan to get the maximum key information with minimum time to not impact any ongoing R&D efforts.

  • Week 1 Kick off Meetings
  • Week 1-4 R&D Assessment
  • Week 1-6 Tools Assessment
  • Week 1-6 Facility Assessment
  • Week 1-6 Workshops
  • Week 12 Multiscale Value Advisory Report

Global leaders in
materials innovation


  • Vasu Kalidindi

    Co-Founder + CEO

  • Dr. Surya Kalidindi


  • Andrew Byrnes

    Board Director

  • Brannon Jones

    Board Member


  • Anil Sachdev

    GM Global Research & Development, NAE Member & TMS Fellow

  • Lauren Friedman Stat

    Board Member - Palantir Technologies

  • Dr. Alberto Salleo

    Stanford University

  • Dr. Aaron Stebner

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Prof Raymundo Arroyave

    Texas A&M University​

  • Michael Raam

    CEO etherWhere, BOARD of Liqid, & CNEX Labs

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